techfluid successfully signed cnooc project "hysy981 platfm equipment hydraulic pipeline replacement inspection"
DateTime: 2019-07-03

on september 29, 2016, techfluid yantai limited (a subsidiary of shong yuelong rubber & plastic technology co., ltd.) fmally signed a contract with cnooc f the project of "hysy981 platfm equipment hydraulic pipeline replacement inspection "

our market technicians are doing preliminary research on cnooc hysy-981 platfm

our company has finished pipeline maintenance replacement f cnoocs deepwater semi-submersible platfms such as nanhai no.8, nanhai no.5 nanhai no.7. with excellent business ability, professional service attitude hard wk spirit, our technical personnel have been highly appraised by party a the platfm, providing a one-stop solution f pipeline maintenance carding of the platfm. nanhai no.8 platfm wrote a special letter of praise, fully affirming the professional technical ability of service team. in 2014, our company, t with china offshe oils first ultra-deep water semi-submersible drilling platfm 981 project, won the national prize f scientific technological progress.

cnooc hysy 981 platfm has been in operation f five years, now it needs five years of special inspection. our companys high-pressure hose has excellent s perfmance in the five-year service on 981 platfm, we have been in good cooperation with cnooc. with good reputation, industry experience, strong technical strength, perfect one-stop solution s quality control, our company has won the trust of cnooc successfully signed 981 special inspection of pipeline maintenance replacement project.

this contract is undoubtedly another affirmation of the companys comprehensive strength technical level, as well as the high recognition of our products brs by customers. in view of the imptant position of hysy981 platfm in domestic international marine engineering field, the successful signing of this project has great significance like a milestone f the promotion development of our company in the marine maintenance market, also fully demonstrates the comprehensive strength of our company. all departments of our company are preparing deploying closely to make preparations f the perfect implementation of the project providing high-quality services.

project: hydraulic pipeline replacement inspection project of hysy981 platfm equipment

project address: cimc raffles offshe engineering pte ltd.

contract unit: techfluid yantai limited (subsidiary of shong yuelong rubber & plastic technology co., ltd.)

contract date: september 29, 2016

project outline: cnooc hysy981 platfm has been in operation f 5 years now, the hydraulic pipeline of platfm equipment has been in use. in accdance with hose service life, api specifications manufacturers operating manual requirements, high-pressure hoses f bop system drilling equipment on platfm need to be replaced some on bop tension system need to be checked taken evidence in der to obtain the approval of classification society ensure the safe operation of equipment.

cnooc hysy981 deep-water semi-submersible drilling platfm: abbreviated as "hysy981", started construction on april 28, 2008. hysy981 deep-water semi-submersible drilling platfm is 114 meters long 89 meters wide. its area is larger than a stard football field. its center is a derrick about 5 6 flos high. the platfm weighs 30,670 tons can bear 125,000 tons, which can be used f takeoff ling of siksky s-92 helicopter. as a drilling platfm with functions of explation, drilling, completion repairing operations, hysy981 represents the first-class level of offshe oil drilling platfm, with a maximum operating water depth of 3000 meters a maximum drilling depth of 10000 meters. the total cost of the platfm is nearly 6 billion rmb. it is the china’s first deep-water semi-submersible 6th generation drilling platfm independently designed built by china, fully invested by cnooc. integrating the wlds first-class design concept first-class equipment, it is the first time in the wld to design in accdance with the harsh sea conditions of the south china sea it can withst rare super typhoons once encountered in 200 years. dp3 dynamic positioning system is ed, with moing positioning in 1500 meters depth. it is approved by both ccs (china classification society) abs (american bureau of shipping). the whole project was completed in accdance with cnoocs requirements design concepts. cnooc owns the independent intellectual property rights of the ship. the establishment of the platfm indicates that china has already possessed the ability of independent research & development international competitiveness in the field of marine engineering equipment.

cnooc hysy981 deep-water semi-submersible drilling platfm, one of the "five types of six ships" of cnooc deep-sea oil gas development, was designed by 708 institute of cssc constructed by shanghai waigaoqiao shipbuilding co., ltd. accding to the dem design concept of china national offshe oil cpation(cnooc) at a cost of 6 billion rmb. cnooc has its own intellectual property rights it is leased operated by cnooc. the platfm is designed with exd system platfm of f&g company in usa. on this basis, the dynamic positioning capability moing positioning are optimized enhanced. it is designed accding to the harsh sea conditions of the south china sea integrates the wld-class design concept, first-class technology equipment, so it also has the connotation of "high-grade, precision advanced". in addition to shutting off wellhead by conventional ways such as emergency shutoff valve, remote control sonar underwater vehicle, intelligent shutoff mode is added to the platfm, that is, automatic shut-off of wellhead to prevent blowout when the sens senses an emergency such as total power loss pressure loss. the designed capability can withst rare super typhoons once encountered in 200 years. f the first time, the most advanced intrinsically safe underwater bop system has been adopted. it has self-propelled capability wld-class dynamic positioning system.

hysy981’s six items of “first time” in wldwide

f the first time, the environment parameters of the south china sea are used as design conditions. it greatly improves the platfms ability to resist environmental disasters.

f the first time, dp3 dynamic positioning system in depth range of 3000 meters moing positioning system in depth range of 1500 meters are adopted, which is an optimized energy-saving mode.

f the first time, it breaks through 9000 tons of variable load of semi-submersible platfm, which is the largest semi-submersible platfm in the wld, greatly improves the offshe operation capability.

f the first time, china has successfully developed the wlds top ultra-high strength r5 anch chain, leading the fmulation of international stards. at the same time, it saves a lot of costs f the project, provides conditions f domestic suppliers to enter the wld.

f the first time, sens moniting system has been installed systematically in key parts of ship hull. a systematic offshe research platfm has been established to study the motion perfmance, stress distribution of key structures anching tension range of semi-submersible platfm. it provides me precious scientific design reference f the application of semi-submersible platfm in deep-sea explation.

f the first time, the most advanced safe underwater bop system has been adopted, which can automatically shut down wellhead in emergencies effectively prevent accidents similar to that happened in the gulf of mexico.

since the construction of "hysy981" began, the party state leaders have paid great attention to it. the key design construction technology of the platfm has been included in the national 863 program the maj national science technology projects in the eleventh five-year plan period.

on april 22, 2009, general secretary hu jintao listened to fu chengyus rept on "cnooc hysy981" at qingdao marine engineering wkshop. he was very concerned carefully asked about the drilling perfmance of the platfm.

on november 22, 2008, prime minister wen jiabao visited the model of the drilling platfm during his visit to large enterprises in shanghai. the research construction of "hysy981" has been strongly suppted by the ministry of science technology of the peoples republic of china the national development refm commission of the peoples republic of china. the ocean contains me than 70% of the wlds oil gas resources, the ultimate potential oil reserves in the global deep-water area are as high as 100 billion barrels. deep-water area is an imptant replacement area f oil gas in the wld. but china has complete capabilities f explation, development production of oil gas fields within only less than 300 meters depth. the operating water depth of chinas self-developed offshe drilling platfms is relatively shallow. semi-submersible drilling platfms are only at the second third generation level of the wld. the deepwater drilling depth of feign countries has reached 3052 meters, while domestic deepwater drilling depth has only reached 505 meters. the construction of the sixth generation deepwater drilling platfm "hysy 981" will fill the gap in chinas deepwater equipment field make china reach the wlds leading level of deepwater equipment.

on may 9, 2012, "hysy981" was officially operated in the south china sea. it is the first time f china petroleum cpation to independently exple deep-water oil gas, marking a substantial step fward in the deep-water strategy of cnooc.

the 981 drilling platfm, the first ultra-deep water semi-submersible drilling platfm of cnooc, which was expled in xisha in 2014, won the national prize f scientific technological progress in 2014.

on march 29, 2016, “hysy981” platfm of china oilfield services limited won china quality award, which is the only quality award awarded to the grass-roots first-line teams in the 2nd china quality award.

our general manager yang peng is communicating with the platfm personnel.

our products are installed on cnooc hysy981 deep-water semi-submersible drilling platfm.

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